Fresh Friday Five | Local Style Fairbanks Alaska

Gotta toss up a little Fairbanks fun! Keepin' ya in the know ;) the local edition of the Fresh Friday Five.

1. 5th Annual Easter Egg Extravaganza is happening April 3rd! (UAF Constitution Park) Just passing it along for anyone that may be interested. Hunts/activities for ages 3-12!

Easter Egg Hunt Fairbanks UAF

2. Don't forget! 2nd Annual Alaska Walk for Autism is coming up! Saturday, April 10th. Get more info here:

3. 40s ... 40s!!! How lucky are we to get such beautiful weather this week to round out March & head into April?! Pretty lucky. :D I can't believe how quick the snow is melting! I mean, I know we didn't get a lot of it this year, but wow. Who knew we'd be seeing the roads this early! ha!

4. Another fun kid activity this weekend ~ Mush for Kids! Also on Saturday, April 3rd @ Pioneer Park. Tons of fun stuff going on this weekend! Time to get out there & enjoy this weather! :)

5. A little birder ;) has been keeping us twitter-pals updated. Birds are arriving! (I think we can safely whisper, "spring is here" - but shhhhh, not too loud just yet ;) ) How exciting! I know some Canadian geese were spotted over North Pole as recent as Wednesday, so who knows, they may be arriving at Creamer's Field for a visit already!

Happy Friday all!