Fresh Friday Five | Just One Year Later

After having so much fun with this MachC lifestyle photography post here, I figured it was time to do it again! Can never go wrong with giving everyone some fun to start the weekend with, right?! ;) This Fresh Friday Five recap & review is in honor of the adorable Miss Kaiya & her mama, Amanda. What, she looks familiar you say? Like maybe from this newborn-post-down-memory-lane-here familiar ;) I feel so lucky to not only do what I love & what I am passionate about, but to watch all of these babies grow before my very eyes. What a difference a year makes. 1. When this is one of the first shots you pull off the card ... you know it's going to be a wonderful session. Don'tcha just love that little finger point to something behind her? I forget what I asked her, but clearly she was telling me without saying a word ;) so cute. I love how this shot also shows how simple, but connected they are with clothing choice. The pattern choice is fun, yet not overly busy and still contains mostly solids, while keeping the focus right where it should be. Perfect, Amanda!

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2. Easily a fan favorite for mom & me both. She was so relaxed & happy ... content ... just being near her mama.

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3. The one grandma decided on. I'm sure she's seen this curious, inquisitive look before. :) I love how all it took was a quick second of getting her attention while mom & dad were busy talking & she stole the show for someone who probably loves her more than anything in this world.

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4. These ones melt my heart! Isn't she adorable!

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5. And yet, for as much as I love all of these other images ... this one right here, steals my heart. I'll have to show the color version one of these days. Their similarity here is uncanny.

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Can't wait for your next little one to arrive at the end of this summer! Mini you #2 ;)