Fresh Friday Five | Fairbanks Baby & Lifestyle Photographer

I just couldn't resist! After sooooo many comments on this particular little girl recently ... I just had to share some more. So today's Fresh Friday Five brings you ... Miss Jade. Enjoy! 1. One of the things I love, love, LOVE about my sessions with the A-J family is the true "family feel" of the approach we take. Every session we've done has been a "lifestyle" session, meaning in-the-home, go-with-the-flow moments. Their photographs & their memories are truly a compilation of 'growing up' in their own home. I love that! If you want a MachC Photography Lifestyle Signature Session contact me here & we'll get you going! Now booking summer months!

Fairbanks Lifestyle Baby Photographer

2. A 10x20 Storyboard that we put together. I can't wait to hear where they decide to hang it! The many faces of Jade, I like to call it ;)

MachC Lifestyle Alaska Photographer

3. Can't forget Big Brother! :D This session was all about little sister, but you know we had to fit some of the Mister in. These were literally just a few moments of him playing in the back of their truck, having some one-on-one time with dad while little sister had her session. He's two and a half. And as ANY parent (and photographer!) of a boy this age knows: they are active, active, active. With a capital A. I'm so glad when we're able to get a quick 'freeze frame' moment that so captures this age & personality!

Fairbanks Toddler Photographer

4. Had to show a black & white of this one. Love how she's ever-so-slightly holding onto her tutu there.

MachC Photography Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

5. Another favorite! Curiously cute! It doesn't get much better than that. ;)

Fairbanks Baby Toddler Family Photographer

Oh, and don't worry, there's more where these came from ;)

Happy Friday everyone!