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Just noticing a lot of interest in this post in recent days/weeks. Not sure why really ... but it does give us pause to be a little more reflective, introspective. What gifts has life given you lately? Have you taken the time to unwrap them? So it kind of made me chuckle to come across these pics below. Judging from the random pile I found them in, they are from well over a year ago. Testing out some new extension rings, I think. But really they bring me back to that time of mainly cars. Now we also talk about Star Wars. And hockey. Cars are still in the picture no doubt, but the intense focus on cars has faded into where we are today. In a new room of the same house, if that makes sense. I think it goes on to remind me how wonderful life is, constantly changing, moving forward. It's only when we take a step back can we look at things in closer detail.

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