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Last summer my maternal grandmother asked a favor of me (& my uncle, who kind of coordinates everything for her :) & does a fabulous job might I add!), she wanted to add to a small wall gallery already in her home. It turned out she was talking about the very portraits my uncle took years before of him, his siblings and my dad & big sister (at the time, my mom was the only child that was married and my sister was Grandma & Poppy's only grandchild). We began brainstorming, planning on accomplishing this project for their 60th anniversary. Well, sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. We lost Poppy, unexpectedly, a few days after Thanksgiving this past year. So my uncle & I decided that we really needed to move forward with Grandma's dream of adding to her wall gallery. You just never know what the future holds. Now, as you can see, this wasn't an easy project to tackle, by any means! First of all, all of the great grandchildren are under 7 - except one (you can probably guess which one he is in the 'great grandchildren' composite below). The grandchildren are an even wider age gap, plus ya gotta throw in a few spouses too! ;) (Can you guess which is the only girl spouse to join the family so far? Poor Keegan's wife, Jessie! I don't think she knew she was coming into a family full of girl cousins! haha) The biggest barrier though is that with the group you see below, we have people living everywhere from Alaska, California, Utah, Idaho & Colorado to Ecuador and West Africa - yes! This whole group is now spread out from Alaska to Africa! Crazy isn't it!

So I thought I'd take a minute & show off our family portrait head shots. All for our Gram and Great Grandma. We love her so much! We're only missing one husband and one baby that is due in April (although, the baby is here in these photos, you just can't see her yet :) ).

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing." ~ unknown

Fairbanks photographerThey already look so much cooler than we do, don't they?! :)

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