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I'm excited to unveil the MachC Mentoring & Coaching sessions with The Creative Mama blog today. Mentoring & coaching is something I love and feel excited to be able to do. It's amazing on a whole other level to be able to love what I do and then get to share that joy & passion with those around me who are also interested in pursuing their dreams. While there are all types of mentoring & coaching available, there is something to be said about working at your own pace, not having to schedule a phone call on someone else's time and having a personal one-to-one connection that gives you the strength to ask questions you may be too shy to do elsewhere. There is something to be said for getting the chance to "design your own course" that helps you really zero in on what you are most seeking.

Recent feedback from a mentee:

You really taught me that gear does not make the photographer. ... I've learned to embrace what I have (thanks to you). ... you encompassed way more in our mentoring session than I could have dreamed of. I really feel like I've been in this business for ages, which is so important. You have given me the confidence to put myself out "there" and [I] have no regrets.

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