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1. Sorry! I think know I've slacked on a few Friday Fives ... man, some weeks Friday just sneaks up on me, I swear!

2. Despite the sun coming out I am thoroughly exhausted! And I'm pretty sure I know why ... same ol' Alaskan daylight syndrome we all have ... gain daylight, pack more into the day. Sun gets up earlier, sets later ... do more! We're already at 10.5 hours of daylight these days (I know, isn't it gorgeous!) ... for those of you who don't live here & are wondering, because we gain almost 7 minutes a day at this point, we'll be at 13h and 30m by the end of this month. Crazy huh!

3. Had to do some ol' switch-a-roos when the weather got cold again last week (shhhhh, don't say it too loud - we need it to stay warm now!) ... cold weather is about the only thing that stops us up here. But that just means this coming week will be full of fun! Recaps & reviews, sneak peeks, new sessions, new fun. I'm really looking forward to it!

4. Iditarod starts Saturday! You can see some '09 footage here from one of my twitter pals, press pass n'all - who knows what he'll share this year! And if you have time to browse through his work & see some images of our great state, you should.

5. Anyone have any advice for cleaning out your closets? I swear we just did this, but my closet is just in need of an overhaul right now. I can feel it coming.

Happy Friday everyone!

(*tweens are so much fun! I just love their genuine spirit & warmth.)

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