Fresh Friday Five | Fairbanks Portrait Photographer

The end of the week already?! Really not sure how it happens anymore. (And next week is April?!? Don't even bring it up. Cannot. Believe.) 1. Been saving this all week - a delightful look into some wall galleries.

A wall of your own: ideas to live with.

2. Speaking of wall galleries! If you are a former client or blog reader with walls you'd like to share, send 'em my way! :) I'd love to collect a few to showcase on the blog. Sometimes all we need are a few ideas and a little inspiration and voila! a wall gallery is born.

3. Scheduling-wise it's looking like I may have one last date available in May, then we're moving on to June! If you're interested in a June or July date, please don't hesitate to touch base & we'll get you set!

4. This adorable friend (we could probably nick-name her Pink ;) ) gave me some quick last minute ideas on 'making your own bird feeder' ... if it goes well, maybe I can share! :) We'll see. Gonna try to tackle this one for the birds ;) . (Just got some tips from this artistic friend as well. Okay! Determination has kicked in ;) )

5. 10 Tips to Increase Peace, Quiet & Free Time in your Home. Now who couldn't use that! I already try to do the "one load a day", which I can tell you works pretty good. Although man, it feels like a laundry list that never ends! ;)

And if we could all spare a moment to send good testing vibes to the mama of this cutie ... she has two exams today alone!

Baby Photographer in FairbanksI just love this shot of the three of them (and this is grandma's first grand-baby!); it makes my heart smile.

Happy Friday!