Fresh Friday Five | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

I'm not sure there's a theme this Friday ... let's see if we can find a common link, shall we? Why not? 1. I have (1) $100 print credit up for grabs! Yep, seriously. :) Just contact me via that little "contact me" icon over there to the right and let me know you want it and we'll set you up! Session fee & minimum order requirements still apply. $100 bonus is a print credit for booking an end of April date that I have open. No reason, other than, why not! :)

2. Speaking of giveaways! My friend Ellen is giving away (yes, giving away!) a website over on her blog. All you have to do is leave a comment. Easy-peasy. How sweet is that!

3. Not a giveaway ... but sort of? A dear, wonderful client of mine is looking for childcare for her infant starting in July. Do you guys know of anyone local? Probably has to be a Fairbanks person/daycare since driving to NP or further out wouldn't make much sense for her situation. So if anyone knows of a good care giver - and wants to 'give them away' ;) haha - can you share their name below or send me an e-mail with their name/contact info? Thank you! I know we'd both really appreciate it!

4. DON'T give away that strong willed child! Loved Why I hope All My Children Have Strong Wills. Yup, I have strong willed children. And very active ones at that. It is a wonderful thing. "Don't be afraid of strong wills. They're the only kind of wills that change the world."

5. Okay, another giveaway! Two weeks worth of mentoring ($300 value), for $75 - yes, crazy! But ... why not! Have to leave a comment saying why you need/want/hope for a mentor/mentoring relationship. (No Fairbanks/North Pole vicinity photographers, please.) I'll pick a winner on Sunday, March 21st!

And there you go ... Fresh Friday Five, the Why Not giveaway ...

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