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1 year to the day we had this session, little Ollie graced this world ready to take his mom & dad on their best adventure yet: becoming parents. Joining forces, holding hands and jumping. That pretty much sums it up, don'tcha think? ;) When I asked Ollie's mom & dad to sing his favorite song at one point, guess what tune they graced us with? None other than Baby Beluga. Which made me smile ten times over not just because it's been one of our favorites when the kids were around this age but also because of the hand-knit sweater from grandma. Ever notice when the stars align ... they really align!

I loved everything about our session, but especially getting to meet Ollie and his family, including his wonderful grandmother who was partial to making this happen. (Quick back-story: grandmother, aka MIL to Mr. Ollie's mom, gave this session as a birthday gift - yes, a birthday gift! - to her daughter-in-law; how sweet is that!) I hope we were able to capture every little bit of Ollie's personality & charm. But most importantly, I hope we were able to catch even a small glimpse of what mom wrote here: "He's fun and happy, and such a blessing. I want to celebrate him, and capture this age. He seems to grow up more every time I look at him." Enjoy this time with your baby! And always keep that 'toddler walk' close to your heart. ("I'm coming to get you mom!")

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Don'tcha just love the flakes here! They said that it was snowing just like this when he was born last year.

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Can't wait to show you guys the rest! (Until then ... Happy Vacation!)