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I've been on pins & needles waiting to show you guys around! I feel like a personal tour guide today! So hold on & enjoy the ride as I show you what's to our left, right & more, all on the showroom-floor ;) . One of the best things my friend Kim already discovered! Things are now separated out by date. You can quickly see the Archives by month when you visit that particular tab, but also by scrolling down, alllll the way to the bottom, if that layout if more visually appealing to you.

Another "button" in two places is the Contact (inquiry) form. Simply hit the "contact" tab OR the "contactme" icon (iPhone anyone? :D ) & voila.

Speaking of icons, that's where you can connect to both Facebook & Twitter. Way easy. Most of the other tabs are just as self-explanatory, so I'll leave those to your browsing, but please do! You can look at past posts by "categories" or go straight to the "portfolio" link to see my work as a whole.

I think one of the things I love the most is the comments area where you can now add a comment, link to the post & share the post (facebook, twitter, your own blog, etc.). Then, just to the right of that, you can bookmark, digg, share it on linked in, another facebook & twitter share, use stumble-upon, subscribe or use your delicious account to bookmark & share. Just a ton of ways to read & stay active in your online community.

And in case you've missed it in recent weeks, there is a new subscribe tab up on the top right of the navigation bar, right next to the search function. Click on subscribe & you'll be able to do just that, subscribe to the blog using any reader you like or send updates & new posts straight into your inbox.

If this whole "subscribing to a blog" thing is new to you ... and you have no idea what we're talking about (we've all been there!) - I found Angie's post on the topic very informative. I won't try to re-write it or sum it up for you, I think she says it best - and takes you right through the steps to set up a reader for yourself! Love that! :) Thanks, Ang!

Hmmm ... I'm sure there are a million other things to share ... but I'll just let the blog do the talking at this point. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee - or make your daily Mocha Dan's run ;) - sit down & enjoy!

{ A sneak peek of the *outdoor* fun we had over the weekend. That's one of my cousins. When it's above zero, we take full advantage. :D }

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