Fresh Friday Five |Fairbanks Anchorage Alaska Photographers

Oh I have a whole slew of things to talk about this week! ;)

  1. Someone asked me the other day (pointing to my kiddo playing with the iPod) "is that a children's version" - no, sadly, but she pretty much claims it as her own so it might as well be! Which got me wondering: is there a children's version? Anyone know?
  2. The Olympics are in the air! And we've been doing a lot of speed skating in our house. Or you know, a lot of pretending & practicing as IF we were speed skaters in the Olympics. ;)
  3. Got to drop off a lovely 16x24 black & white, fine art canvas to a deserving home recently and I heard that it *just* may find a coveted spot front & center in the living room. :)  I love how the pieces come fully finished, with a smooth back and hanging hardware in place so all you have to do, is take it home & hang it up. That's my kinda life :) Another canvas shot to show the texture in better detail: 
  4. Can you believe it's supposed to be above zero - maybe even hit the double digits - next week?! I still have to share what happened last time we got warm temps ... I can only imagine what's in store ;)
  5. On another note, I've been getting a ton of spam lately (probably in direct relation to linking to you-tube :P ) ... anyone know how to block more of it? It's all getting filtered but ... it would be nice not to have to deal with it at all. Is that too much to ask? Anyone know some good tips or tricks?