a beautiful baby boy | MachC Fairbanks Photographer

The third time is most definitely a charm with this family. On a birthday date already shared by two of our boys (my own and their 'now middle' baby boy), another little boy was ushered into this world. Yes, these wonderful parents are not *only* the mama & daddy to three completely adorable boys ... they are also the parents of two boys born exactly one year apart, 12 months to the day. Isn't that amazing?!! And little Kyle here had to come early to make it happen - clearly he's not one to miss any parties! ;) So, here we are, just one year ago during the very same time frame, I photographed his 'big' brother shown here. And now, in the blink of an eye, I am back again photographing the newest member of their family. I do love this job of mine. Where else do I get to be a baby photographer x2, one year to the date for the same family? :) Thank you guys for a wonderful visit and for allowing me the chance to document these early days of your family of 5. I cannot wait to show you more! xoxo!

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