Mine on Monday | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

As we creep into the early Monday morning hours, I've been thinking more & more about my friend Amanda's Mine on Monday efforts to share more of her cute little crew. (And she does have a crew, just a few more & she'd have a team in some sports ;) .) I don't know if I can make it happen every Monday (she seems to make it effortless, let me tell ya). But I will try to do what I can :) . I definitely go through spurts when I take a TON of the kids, of the family, of our everyday lives. So here are some of mine ... cousins, 2 years and some odd months apart ... my boy & my nephew ... living many, many states away but always the best of friends when they get together. Here, a day when they made their own fort (I believe it was a secret fort ... shhhh ;) ) and watched a favorite flick (Wall-E). All in a day's work. ;)

Pretty sure I'm the luckiest mama & aunt in the world ;)