Jedi Mind Tricks | Fairbanks Fun Photography

Hard to believe we're starting the last week in January, isn't it. In some ways I feel like January just started & in others, I cannot wait for it to end. I've been so sick (hence the short blog break), it's been insane. And now I'm on quite the list of meds to try & get a ride on the health train for a bit. As the doctor so kindly said, well we can't have you walking around this sick so we need to take some aggressive action to get you well again. Yeah, you think? I can't be walking around this sick either! I got stuff to do buddy. All this & a blog launch too! :D Have a ton of things I want to share ... so I think I'm going to take time to 'show you around' later this week. Give you a quick tour of the place. There are so many new features & nooks n' crannies - should be fun!

I already made a note on Facebook, trying to get quite a few things squared away so we can get schedules & dates set. As always, those who have sessions booked & are just waiting on dates, get first dibs. So if you for sure want a spring or early summer session, now's the time!

Behind the scenes I'm also working on some samples & new products that I just know you guys are going to love. I can't wait to share those as they become available. I love finding great things that showcase your babies & families and this year's products are no exception.

On top of all this, I am slowly but surely compiling a Frequently Asked Questions page ... feel free to send questions by leaving a comment or sending an e-mail, that would work too. I welcome anything on photography, family, mentoring, coaching, living in Alaska :) you name it. I don't always have time to answer every e-mail individually, so I'd like to have a resource that might answer some of the more common questions you guys have.

One from last year ... just to prove we can have fun in the snow too ;) ...

These two were like two peas in a pod. I remember laughing so hard when I realized they were standing the exact same way - and they didn't even realize it! You have to have a pretty strong bond with your Nana to have mind powers like that!