Happy New Year! | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

I know ... you're waiting for the BIG announcement :D ... but before we get to that, I have to wish everyone the BEST New Year ahead ~ full of joy, hope, love and everything your heart desires. I am SO grateful, SO thankful for each & every one of you; for my clients, new & established, those that I see multiple times a year and those that I see religiously during certain seasons, for my blog readers, for my wonderful, self-proclaimed 'blog stalkers' (you know who you are! ;) ), for my children, for my family and for the chance to do what I love & give the gift of memories & time to all of the families that have invited me to be a part of their lives. I am eagerly looking forward to the weeks, months & year(s) ahead. Happy New Year to us all! A quick snap of our beautiful crew. I think one of my sisters said that we haven't all four been together in four years until this past month ... that sounds about right! Crazy huh. I think I'll print this as a surprise for my mom (don't worry, she doesn't read the blog - let's just say she's not 'high tech' ;) ). Seventeen BELOW ZERO (yes, -17) when this was taken. Tough Alaskan girls ;)


And now ... for the moment you've been waiting for! With over 100 votes!!! (I'm in awe! You guys are awesome!)

The winner of the 16x24 Fine Art Canvas (over a $700 value) is ... Mama Love's Robyn & Jade! Jade is their family's beloved baby girl, born this summer. I've been photographing her big brother for years now (isn't that crazy Robyn & Wade - it's now been YEARS! :) ) and can't wait to see them again this year for some more sessions with Jade as she grows. Love when my families want to make sure their second (and third & fourth) is photographed as much as their first!

And now for the winners of the SEO Field Guide and the $200 MachC Photography Gift Card ... The SEO Field Guide Winner is Jaidean Baker who voted & left the comment: "Fun! I voted! :) have a great Christmas!" and the Winner of the $200 Gift Card to MachC Photography is ... Melinda! Who voted & said: "hi girls, beautiful!"

Congratulations everyone! Contact me & we'll get the ball rolling on getting you your gifts & prizes ... thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to vote. I received some of the most *amazing* comments ... here are a few that I wanted to share ~ thank you guys!

Chelsey all these prizes are to good to resist. Thank you for being you! ~ Robyn Atkins

Could that “FUN” Taylor Family Be any cuter??? Our votes in for “Family Fun” as the best pic of the year! AND…what an amazing photographer…could she take any greater pics? 2010 will tell! :)  HUGS! ~KP

You do such a great job of capturing families. I can’t wait to have you photograph my baby! ~ Erin

Love the photo’s. I was lucky enough to see all you took of my daughter’s family, and happily received a bunch! Best photo’s I have ever been priveliged to see. Best of Luck to My daughter and granddaughter–Hope that they win! Love, Mom aka Nana. ~ Gayle O'Connor

This picture is my daughter and me. Chelsey aptly named it! My daughter and I were just talking and enjoying the warmth of each other and the blanket on a cool early May afternoon and Chelsey simply starting taking pictures. What a great photographer--one who knows exactly when to start the camera without anyone even realizing it! Thanks Chels! ~ Karri

Thank you guys ~ so, so much!

Happy New Year!