Fresh Five on Friday | Fairbanks AK Photographer

Can you believe it's the LAST FRIDAY in January?!? Wild huh. No idea how that really happened ... even more of an excuse for Five on Friday! Can't say exactly why I threw "fresh" in there this time ... but it just may stick. I've seen a "Fresh Friday" or two around and thought, yeah, Five on Friday is pretty fresh. Probably need to add that.

1. Well now that I think about it, I guess fresh really does apply. I was trying to keep the blog updated on the back-end this week (probably lingo that only bloggers know, loathe & understand) and *POOF* my blog disappeared. Yes, for a whole ... who knows how long! ... on Thursday. Just gone-zo for part of the afternoon. I became a one-(wo)man tech show and fixed it ... but not without some major grumpies toward the computer. But don't judge me for that. :D

2. Apple: iPad ... really, Apple? iPad? Really? No, no the design is fine. The idea, sure ... seriously, you bought the rights to iPad - nothing else seemed ... better???

3. And on that note ... let's talk about something else! haha :) How about a giveaway?! I stumbled across a tweeter recently that I wanted to know more about, so we've been following each other. She just tweeted a giveaway they are having on her blog so I thought what better way to kick off Friday than to share that with you all! Memories are so important, no matter the form they take.

4. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the wonderful comments & e-mails & messages and, and, and! telling me how much you all love the new logo & blog redesign! I love hearing from each of you. It really just made my day to share this with you! Still tweaking a few things behind the scenes, but I seriously cannot wait to share even more & have a little launch party!

5. Clients ... you should have an e-mail with spring dates from me today! Let me know what date works for you & we'll get you set. For everyone else, I'm just about full for the spring, so if you are looking for a spring session (March-May), please hit that contact button & drop me a line so we can get you squared away! Expecting mamas too!

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