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That's me tilting my head sideways saying 'sorry!' I meant to get to some things yesterday ahem a Wordless Wednesday post, I really did, but you know, life is in full swing and sometimes we just have to step up to the plate and take 'em as they come. So how 'bout a day of - post of words instead? I know some of my friends & collegues have been posting on Facebook (daily I think) and their blogs about what they are thankful for this year as we inch closer & closer to the holidays. So while I may have 'missed' a day, I really don't feel like I missed anything at all. I'm thankful that I'm a busy worker bee over here, getting done what I can, being an elf in the workshop, finishing up orders & deliveries for my clients and getting ready to enjoy the holiday season with family & friends. I am thankful to be busy enjoying things as they are right now, before we head into full-on holiday mode. I'm thankful for all the little gifts that have entered our lives lately. And thankful for friends & family. And thankful for my little dose of pop-culture knowledge today: that Johnny Depp is once again crowned King (figures that we've been playing a lot of 'pirates' lately, apparently my household knows something that I don't!) and Taylor & Taylor are apparently together. (Those of you with tweens & teens can thank me later ;) I'll keep ya in-the-know.) See, so many things to be thankful for. :) ... Okay, hit me with it, what are you thankful for? For this essay you can be serious or silly, paragraphs not needed. ;)