The Five Before Thanksgiving | Fairbanks Alaska, Photographer

Just some thoughts from this crazy, busy, insanely sprinkled with unplanned moments, week: 1. Getting our hair cut was a family ordeal this week ... yes, even including little mini me, which wasn't planned but was needed (here's hoping this doesn't upset grandma & granny too much! she's just got such fine hair & it was becoming a tangled mess back there - crazy enough it makes her look so much older!) ... she was eatin' it up by the big ole' spoonful though (as my favorite Southern Belle likes to say).

2. Spent some time packaging what seemed like a million things for this week (but breathing a sigh of relief that everyone is getting everything before the onset of the holiday season - see, my deadlines don't seem so bad after-all now do they ;) ). I heard another photographer mention that she loves when the orders & shipments arrive at her studio. Loves packaging them up to send off to their new homes ... but then misses them just a tad when they are not there to look at anymore. I so feel that! It probably sounds funny. Right now I think I will miss this glorious image (as a 20x30 canvas) the most. I hope their mom takes a snapshot of it in the house & sends it over to share. :)

3. Homemade quilts and flower clips ... they know who they are :) what a wonderful surprise to our week; we couldn't be more blessed with friends like you guys!

4. Big hugs & love to Granny & Gramps! The post-Halloween dress-up costumes are a HUGE hit. Everyone has been everything from lady(or boy)bugs to Transformers to superheroes and lots of imaginative things in between that just seemed to fit the bill of dress-up but didn't have a name. Gotta love it. :)

5. And, with a crazy hectic week that seemed to be in cahoots with the energizer bunny ... we did a lot of reading. A LOT. It seemed to provide a sense of calm & peace on so many levels. It just felt right. Needless to say ...

"And the tree was happy."