Shop Know Boutique | Alaska Commercial Photographer

One of the things I've been eager to share with you all! Finally I can :) just got word from the store owner that her new (online) store is less than a week away from launch! How exciting! So I wanted to take a moment to share just a few of the pieces I photographed for Shop Know Boutique over there in Cali, serving customers worldwide. You can check out Jen's site here: be prepared to find great California casual wear at fantastic prices! I think when we originally talked (way back when), Jen described the clothing to me as Santa Barbara chic. However you describe it, definitely some great finds. Jen also does trunk shows! So contact her directly knowboutique(@) to set something up! And Jenny is so sweet, have to note here where I asked her if there was anything special/extra she'd like me to add and she said, "maybe add a part about how I LOVE your photography!" Thanks, Jenny :)

As the site says: Know Boutique is a unique store where customers can find affordable cute apparel!
(Can't beat that!)



Wishing you all the best Jenny! Enjoy this new adventure!