On the first of every month ... | Photographer in Fairbanks

My friend Jaidean does a fun little giveaway on the first of every month right now (Oct-Dec) and even though it's now the 2nd (*gasp*) there are still a few days left to enter! Definitely worth checking out, especially if you love homemade & crafty. :)  Run over there & see what she's giving away from The Vintage Pearl. As for this here ... just one of those images that I have to show. I'm so happy that her mama got it for her. For me, it's one of those images that I hope we can make happen - but it tends to fall into the 'it either does or doesn't' category. When she took a tumble during our shoot, mama quickly scooped her up to give her some love & cuddles and opened her heart to me as well, letting me capture that special mother-daughter baby bond that exists in our mind's eye but may not always be tangible. I always hope to change that during our session & make it something you can take home with you.


On this crazy, hectic Monday morning (as it is for most of us) ... I hope you take time to savor this moment. The world around you will spin, but just for a moment, you can make it stop & breathe it all in. Babies are such good reminders for that. They know that sometimes it's best to just sit back and take it in while they can.