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I don't know if you want the back-story or not (if not, just skip to the giveaway part of this post ;) ), but I thought I'd share a bit of the behind-the-scenes just so you could see how great & from-the-heart this giveaway truly is. A few weeks ago (at the end of October, to be exact) I got a blog comment from Ms. Jen B. over there, impressed by my butter-making attempts ;) with a quick mention of the vintage hair clips she's been making. Well I had no idea about any of this! Clearly Jen is talented & gifted, but I didn't know she was crafty too! So she sent me some pics to show me & a visual link to get me started. Barely a day goes by and Jen writes to tell me she's making some & will send one my way. Needless to say, her thoughtfulness & generosity were very unexpected. I just kept thinking, wow, she wants to make some extra to send to me?! Really?! A short time after that, I received an unexpected package in the mail with not one, but three vintage flower clips, along with a beautiful note that made me laugh (I didn't tell you that part, Jen! ;) ). She is truly someone who gives from the heart, no questions asked. And me, well, I was just so delighted & thrilled that I wanted to share some of this loveliness with you! So, without further ado, a giveaway from both of us to you just in time for Thanksgiving! Thanks for being a part of our lives, thanks for being a part of our blogs, thanks for leaving comments and thanks for being there! A quick shot of Jen wearing the hand-crafted, beautiful vintage flower clips


(I know, she's completely gorgeous!)

All you have to do? Leave a comment. Yep. THAT easy. THAT simple. :)

And leave ANOTHER comment HERE and get your name thrown into the hat again! Two chances to win! And hey, if you mention the giveaway in your update status on Facebook (don't forget the link!) ... just come back & tell us and there ya go, another entry. :) So two chances, on EACH blog - how fun is that?! We're giving away (3) sets of two vintage clips and a fourth $5 coffee gift card courtesy of Caribou Coffee. Winners will be announced Thanksgiving morning! All just to say ... thanks! (And thanks to Jen for being such a great friend!)


Turns out Jen & I both have hair that gets a little crazy out of control - who knew it, but a vintage hair clip is just the ticket! And the coffee card? Well, it's -27 below here ... a warm cup of coffee or cocoa is definitely in order.

And to get you even further into the mood of the holiday season ... some announcements and a HUGE holiday giveaway are just around the corner!

Alright, comments are open ... let the fun begin!