Five, again. | Fairbanks Photographer

Is it Friday already? I swear I thought all yesterday was Friday. I'm not sure why, but it's the truth. 1. Ellen had another creative exercise post on her blog this week that I keep thinking about. I might modify it a little - do kind of a photo-journal of one day (only, to be honest, it'll probably be over a few days! ha! I'm not sure I'll have camera or notepad with me all day).

2. Which leads me to Flat Stanley. He's visiting our house again this week. His second time in ummm... 3 or 4 years now. The first time he came from Ohio (hello Auntie Katie! :) ) and this time he flew in from TN (*waving* to Brooklyn!!! miss you!). He always seems to visit in the winter, which is a bummer as there are so many cool places for him to see when it's not snowing. Somehow I don't think he'd take too well to the snow.

3. Check this out. And hey, there's an app for that.

4. The MachC Crew loves you Auntie Kara! Get well soon! ( :( ) We hope you are through the worst of it.

5. And finally ... something that I am very proud to have 'run in the family' ;)  ... a Happy 59th Anniversary to one set of grandparents this year! Yes, they celebrated their 59th anniversary this past Tuesday, which means their 60th lands on their 'Golden' - 10/10 :) (And how sweet is this, they had dinner with all four of their kids, just them & their adult kids, my grandma & I talked all about it) Happy Anniversary Grandma Gene & Poppy! We love you so much!