5 on Friday | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

1. Shout out to Gigi's blog & a super fun, super hero giveaway! I think she's picking a winner soon, so run over & enter before it's too late! I think we may have to get a few of those for the little supers around here ;) 2. Did you see Big Bird googling around this week? A little info link in case it's not there by the time you check ;) but I just did & yep, sure enough!

3. Nice to finally let the cat out of the bag with some of my commercial work and what's been going on behind the scenes. I can't wait to fill this month with more fun shares & surprises! :) stay tuned ...

4. Another exciting announcement in just a few days! Those of you who've had sessions in 2009 ... this one's for you! Looking for a stocking stuffer ... that extra something special for your mom/dad ... this might be it! :)

5. And a HUGE congrats to this beautiful family! Getting married in Hawaii as we speak! Congrats Traci & Chipper!



Happy Friday everyone!