Just being them. At home. | Fairbanks Family Photographer

One of the highest compliments I feel blessed to receive is when my clients 'show off' their session to their friends & family, proud to share the memories, excited to share the moments. So you can probably imagine how thrilled I am when a new client contacts me based off of that (e.g., 'I'm a friend of so-&-so's and love the pics you've done of her kids!') - when someone wants to set up a session with me based on loving their friend's pictures, I consider that a huge honor! Needless to say, this is exactly how Colleen first touched base with me. Lucky for us, there was still room to squeeze her kids & the family into one of the last few sessions of 2009. I'm so glad she contacted me when she did so we could make it all happen! Her kids are absolutely adorable, each with their own twinkle in their eye & love for mom & dad. Exhibit A here ;) Here are just a few from our fun family time together, showcasing their love of the great outdoors, the family bond between them and just the 'M' family being the 'M' family they are.

Little Miss Jessica. Probably one of the shyest almost-2.5-year-olds I've come across.

So soulful. So imaginative.


But I'd like to think we were able to become fast friends ... maybe? ;)


By the end of it all she was asking if I really had to go. (I know, how sweet is that.)

And baby sister Claire, all of 8 months. Inquisitive, yet full of smiles & giggles and thoughtful glances, even toward the dog. ;) (Who, by the way, we wanted to get in some family shots with everyone ... he wasn't having it! ;) Next time, right Colleen!)

The antique high chair that has been in their family for generations (since the 1800s I think is what Colleen was telling me. Isn't that incredible!) Love seeing the fall colors really shine through. Thank you guys for not raking up the leaves! :)


And well, since daddy had his shots with his baby girl, mom needed a few with her baby girl. What a cute lil' Gerber baby too!


Colleen & Sean, thank you so much for inviting me to your home and taking time out of your busy schedules to let me document your family & celebrate this time in your lives. I can't wait to show you the rest!