I can't say it enough. | Fairbanks Children's Photographer

I ♥ fine art canvas. These are just a 'Mach-up' ;) although I do have the real deal here: (2) 16x24s ready their mom & dad. I cannot wait for these to hang in their house. There is just something extra special about having your print on artist canvas, stretched over custom made wood supports. It's an upscale, modern way to display your artwork from our session in your home. It's such a classically modern look. But more importantly, for busy moms, it comes ready to hang ... and for the kids of the families that choose to put them up on their walls ... I can tell you from my own experience, growing up in a home where pictures were everywhere, where a painter was commissioned by our grandparents to create a painting of each of us ... there's nothing greater. As a child it just makes you feel so important, loved & blessed to see that you mean SO much to your parents, they want you up on the walls to look at each & every day. It may sound corny, but it's true. There is something magical about having art of you as a child adorning the walls of the home you grow up in. I can't wait to hear about the looks on the faces of these two when they get home from school & see these for the first time.