Friday Five | Photographer Fairbanks Alaska

  • ETA: just found out moments ago ... we're featured in the Weekend Deal Etsy Find! Click here to take a look. Congrats, Vildan! If you were thinking about getting one of Vildan's kimono wraps, now is the time! Happy shopping :)

1. Cheerios & Ranch. Need I say more? We are IN the dipping phase people (not me, the baby). Ughhh. Gross. I caught her dipping her cheerios in ranch. Yep, honest to goodness truth. ::shudder::

2. Huge canvas of this one & his sister waiting for mom & dad ... I'll have to share those soon ... not this image, a different image, but I thought this one was pretty darn cute too.


3. A quote I came across & couldn't help but share:

"The best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations." ~ Eli Khamarov

4. And maybe that's why this is such a hit:  unexpected AND fun. A fabulous combination.

I bet you smiled at least once. ;)

5. Contemplating this sewing kit ... Ellen? Granny ;) ? Where are you??? Can I actually do this?!

And not part of the five, but a big Happy Birthday wish goes out to my nephew ... who is 18 today! And will never let me by anything but "countrytime lemonade" ;)