Five on Friday | The October Edition {Fairbanks Photographer}

Yeah ... so I had to write "The October Edition" for me ... I'm pretty sure I'm still in September. Holy cow how are we in October already?!! I need some time to digest that.

1. Giveaway alert! For those of us who have a special super hero in our lives, a fun chance to win them their own customized cape. Doesn't get better than that! :)

2. I'm not sure what made me think of them the other day, but I love Bento Boxes! They are just fabulous. There's a flickr group for them, if you can believe that. I was actually first introduced to them through Maki over at Tantbury Photography. Here's one of her latest creations. I know. Seriously cute huh. And I clearly remember her telling me when I first saw them a while back how her's "aren't even that good" - I still beg to differ Maki! I LOVE your Bento Boxes! As a kid, how could you not just eat that all up! Everything is so bite size & creative!

3. And since my sister was just here, a link to Canoa Thrills. I can't vouch for the crazy people that run it ;) but since everyone's always asking "soooo, what does your sister do in Ecuador?" I thought I'd share the answer.

4. I'm laughing at all the snow comments. No, we don't have permanent snow on the ground right now or anything :) I promise. I can't promise that in the coming weeks, but right now, there is still green, green grass out there. We just had a brief period where it was cold enough to snow (almost) every night & then would warm up & melt during the day. See, case in point, me being sprayed by the water hose at 38 degrees-ish outside ... errr, wait ... is this thing on??? ;)


5. I'm working at a feverish pace with some other sessions & projects going on ... so I'll have to get to those later ... for now, a favorite from about a month ago


and a little clip. I've been streaming the music as much as possible. ;)

Anyone else out there participating in the 5 on Friday fun? Leave a comment! Leave a link :)

Some Five on Friday shares ...

  • Peer pressure at its finest ;) over there at Kulik Photography. Run & say "Hi Kristi!" She reminds me that I need to read the Life of Pi ... and yep, texting in certain arenas is not cool. Love the sign-off! May have to borrow that ;)
  • Shannon over at My Candid Moments has some really exciting publishing news to share! Congrats, Shannon! That is so cool!
  • Ellen shared her Love of Local!