Five on Friday | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

1. Breast Cancer Awareness:  Click to Give @ The Breast Cancer Site. Breast cancer is something that has really affected our families - there's so much I could go into. It's not a light topic at all. But mainly, I hope you'll click the link ... and if you feel so inspired, leave a comment - my mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor AND she checks the blog :) I'd love it if you could leave some words of love & encouragement. She continues to fight the good fight & does everything she can to stay healthy for all these grandbabies ;) 2. Still really enjoying this blog but also recently found this one, which is visual eye candy for me. :) I want to shoot in this room. And this one too.

3. Here's the butter recipe (a few of you were asking):

Butter Recipe: 16oz Heavy Cream Salt to taste

Pour the cream into a mixer, blender or whisk it (although whisking will take a while).  Blend on high until it starts to firm up and become crumbly in appearance. Once it becomes crumbles you have several options.  Fold several paper towels and scoop the butter onto it.  Then place several more paper towels on top and gently squeeze out the butter milk until very little moisture is coming out.  You could also use cheesecloth for with the same method.  I have heard it suggested to pour cold water over the butter and squeeze out the buttermilk via that way but I have yet to try that method. Once the buttermilk is separated spoon it into a container and store  it in the refrigerator.

From Tisha's page on Starting from Scratch.

4. And an update on the homemade butter extravaganza ;) ... awesome Tisha again came to the rescue & shared another little tid-bit, her secret ingredient - olive oil. Just a little sumpin'-sumpin' added to the recipe (at the end) will help with spread-ability when it's cold. She knows what she's talking about folks - Mikey likes it!

5. And a quote that I came across this week & needed to share ...

“Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter than you think” -Pooh