Five on Friday

1. So fun to wake up one morning this week & see this. Thought I'd share the opening of her new little 'mini' store.

2. And speaking of Bayan Hippo, I meant to take some snaps of my own bag since a few of you were asking (but I haven't had time! ack!) ... here's the one I have. (Not that particular color, but the same design & eco-friendly, high quality material.) The modular messenger. I love it. Packs a great punch (but not a real punch as we have to remind little ears ;)  ). Fits lots of stuff for me & the kids and was a *great* travel bag for the plane. Anyway, just wanted to share since I've had some questions about which bag I have.

3. Somehow stumbled over to this blog this week & couldn't get past this: "Go to bed at 9:00 twice a week." Has the wheels turning for sure. I am now dreaming of that life. ;)

4. Okay, I've been outed! ;) Yes, a few of you *might* have happened to recognize that our family photographer down in San Diego was a featured photographer this week on a blog that caters to the photography community & the wonderful world of inspiration & being inspired by in this creative journey. They showcased a few of Heather's images & what do ya know! It's the MachC crew ;) ... so here's a link to the fabulous Heather Starr and her work. You might see a few familiar faces. Maybe ;)  Congratulations, Heather! So well deserved, a million times over! Proud to have you photograph our family!

5. Today is my half birthday! :)  I know, we don't really celebrate half birthdays at our age anymore do we? ;) BUT this is more of a shout out to my almost *cough*cough* 30 year old-young sister since we're 18 months apart, almost to the day, but she was running late ;) by about 2 days not at all like her, to be running late & all. Happy Birthday Maija! We love you! 2 days & counting! ;) Remember our half-birthday celebrations? Those were the days!


Footnote: don't let this image fool you. The little man was winning ... and the very last shot I have before the finish line shows someone in a green coat reaching out to grab a hold of (& possibly prevent) a little someone in a blue fireman's pull-over from winning the race. No wonder he has such a determined look on his face - he knew this auntie wasn't playin' around! ;)