Zip. Whooooosh. 17 months.

And here we are ... 17 months later ... blessed with a little girl who loves to sleep (for the most part; *ahem* teething all-nighter's don't count ;) ) ... the happiest of 'babies' ... quickly inching her way toward 'toddler'-dom. She smiles & the whole world seems to smile with her. Yep, she has one of *those* smiles. The smiles that people talk about ... the smiles that light up a room. She says 'hi' to almost everyone & everything ... she especially loves dogs, no matter the bark. This is the little girl that loves to swing, loves to sing "la'la'la" and loves her brother with squeals of delight. She listens to him with such enthusiasm & genuine interest. This is the little girl that, for now, prefers to hold mama's hand over daddy's ... but talks about daddy non-stop & in her own words, asks to be thrown 'up-up-up, eeeease'; she loves to fly. And she'll eat almost anything ... to the point of most around her thinking, surely she is not as young as she is, because I don't know any other child who eats this. She's tough ... and a little bit of a daredevil. She's the baby who will climb to the ceiling, turn around & not hesitate to climb back down all on her own. (That's not really a bonus, it turns out.) We always say that Great Grandma Georgette picked her out for us ... I think the real truth is they conspired together. ;)  Happy 17 months baby girl. We love you!




My coat from when I was a baby. How awesome that my mom saved this!

(And yes, those are real scratches on her face there - couldn't edit them out, that's her! She's a rough & tumble girl.)




And just so I don't ever forget ... I love that she signs 'more' and says 'muh-muh' when I sing the Sesame Street song to her. That's pretty cool.