Say What You Need To Say | Fairbanks Family Photographer

So ... we were driving in the car earlier this week ... a little John Mayer happened to be on the radio ... we were singing along, jammin' out to the tunes ;) ... and at the end, this beautiful little person in the back seat said, "Mommy ... you know, I love you. You are the best mommy. I love you." I looked into the rear view mirror to see a gorgeous, ever-giving smile and replied with, "Say what you need to say, huh." To which he nodded, looked out the window & repeated, "Say what you need to say."


Of course, that lovely moment was followed by a discussion of the nicknames I could & could not call him at this time because he is a big boy, you know.

*sigh* Thanks, John. While I appreciate your message to my kiddo, maybe he doesn't have to grow up quite this fast, k? Thanks.