Joan & Mike | Love Bugs {Fairbanks Photographer}

Every so often I get blessed with a Love Bug session ... nothing more (or nothing less) than two people, deeply in love, sometimes celebrating years & years of marriage ... sometimes celebrating just a few to grow on ... but always celebrating life, love, joy & being together. I have a special place in my heart for my love bug sessions. Even more so with these two. :)  You see, they are the grandma & grandpa of this little guy and the mommy & daddy to this beautiful mama herself. Megan has actually had this in the works for them for about a year now (I know! how sweet is she?!). Joan & Mike were so patient 'waiting for their turn' for a ride on the love bug ;) haha. Before their session, Megan & Joan were both insistent that Mike was going to be the difficult one, but then as our session started rolling along, Joan started laughing & mentioned how she was the "non-compliant" one! Nah. I don't think so ... yes, we (Mike & I ;) 'cause you know we were on the same team) did face a lot of "What?!" and "You want me to do what?!" followed by "I hate you" mumbles under her breath. But by the end, she was putty in Mike's hand. ;) As it should be after 32 years of marriage, right?

Thank you, Mike & Joan ... I had a wonderful time! And Joan, you get both quotes of the night: 1 for how many times you said "let me fluff you" (thank goodness Mike was a good sport when it came to the 'fluffing' ;) ) and 2 for "he's a smart man, I knew he would get it" ...