Five on Friday | Fairbanks Photographer

1. FYI: my mom won 3rd place at the harvest festival for her "pistachio salad" ... get this ... she didn't even enter the competition! Apparently, as people were trying it, they just wrote her dish down as one they were voting for - how funny is that! Congrats mom! Love you! (And your pistachio salad.)

2. Pulled from the archives. Hello crazy creatures that show up at our sessions. :) Welcome to your personal photo shoot.



3, 4 & 5.  My big sister, my little sister & the aunties of my babies. The best surprise of the week ... maybe even the year ;) ... happened this week: two of my sisters came up for a surprise visit! All the way from Colorado & Ecuador!  They boogied it on up here to hang out for the week. ( I know, how lucky are we!) So if I am utterly slow at getting back to anyone right now ... I have good reason! :) I was completely blindsided and now need to enjoy every minute with them while I can (it's been well over a year since we've all been together!). I can't believe it! Man, they are sneaky! But really, what could top this?!

That's five folks. ;) Happy Friday.

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