Five on Friday | Fairbanks Photographer

I can't believe it's Friday already. How did that happen? I swear, does anyone else notice that the closer we get to winter ... the faster our days fly by? I don't know what it is (oh, possibly too many errands to run, losing light by the fistfuls & maybe even a sense of hibernation in the not-too-distant future?!). So as we head into a new season, I thought I'd shake it up a bit & move into Five on Friday  ... anyone else going to join me? Link your blog here (or if it's your private family blog - I know who you are! :D - just say so). Let's make it a Five on Friday par-TAY. The more the merrier! 1. I am seriously addicted to this. Well, not quite as addicted as this lovely mama* (*see image below) who first showed me the ropes. ;)  Yes, it's ALL her fault. Oh here, have some of this loooovely flavored water. Oh, you don't like plain water either? Me neither! Try some of this tasty treat. LOL. ( ;) j/k MB!) I think my favorite is Black Cherry (or maybe it's Cherry Pomegranate - something like that ;) ). (O.M.G. I just googled it & you can by it by the case load! ha!) I think I'm going to try my own concoction of water with cucumber ... I've heard that's good too. We shall see ...


2. Finally got my new rims ordered this week. And no, I'm not talking about making my car look all spiffy. ;) The lovely ladies at Image Optical helped with a Rx that was oooooh ... let's say not quite 6 months old ;) ... clearly that fell to the bottom of the priority list. Whoops. Probably not good. They have a blog too! :)

3. GIVEAWAY ALERT! Run over & say hi to the fabulous & incredibly talented Blue Lily photoblog and maybe leave a comment to win something ;) no reason to link them other than I think their work is super fun & hey, if I can't win, I'd love for one of you to win something! How cool would that be?!

4. Before we "officially" move away from Fashion Friday for the season ... have to throw in one more clothing link don'tcha think? Check this super cute ensemble out. Very fall Alaskan boy! I hadn't heard about Crazy 8 before, it's possible I am just WAY outta the loop. But gotta get in the loop! Our good friends Geoff & VA just had their beautiful little boy this week! :) All 5 lbs (some odd ounces) of him (sooo tiny!). I think he needs a 'big boy' outfit to grow into for sure.

5. House Husbands of Hollywood. Click here to find it. We don't have the Fox Reality Channel; we do it the hulu way ;) . I think you have to watch it, to get it. But believe me, if you stay home with your kids - or ever have - I think you'll  find it mildly entertaining ;) to say the least.

Side-note: my schedule is jam-packed! I possibly have one date left where I could shift things around & squeeze someone in ... so if you want that to be you, e-mail asap to make it happen. Otherwise, my calendar is booked for the rest of the year! Thank you to all my wonderful clients. It's so great to see new faces amongst the crowd of familiar ones. I'm editing like a mad woman on this end, so stay tuned as we get through some bloggin'!

Other Five on Friday blog posts today ... leave & comment below & I'll add you to the list!

Had to post one more ... from this week ... sometimes you just really have to analyze what that crazy woman behind the camera is saying, ya know?