Fab Family of Four! | Fairbanks Alaska Family Photography

So if you've been hanging out here for a while, you just might remember this cute family from here. So of course, when Amie shot me a quick e-mail to say 'it's time', I was stoked. I love this family! They are just super cute, warm, good people. Matt helped out last year with some Goodyear stuff and is a closet Nascar driver I'm sure ;) and Amie is doing the mom-entrepreneur thing too, so major props to her. But the kids ... the kids always steal the show. And this year was no exception. Amie dressed them super cute (hats included - loved it!) and perfect for the weather (I hate to say we've taken our turn away from fall, but folks, it was cold & windy for our shoot - brrr). The biggest thing though, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than at the very end when Amie glanced at me & said, "They did SO good!" Yes, they did. :) (Shortest "under 5" family session yet!)

And I have to say, thank goodness we have some hunting experts in the group. Not only did we get to see a porcupine (I'll have to give him his own post later ;) ) BUT without their road hunting abilities, I would have made them trek through who knows what to get to where we needed to be. Thank goodness, they spotted the clear as day road that I naturally overlooked. Naturally. Clearly some of us are more gifted in the area of observation than others. 'Cause I can't even find roads these days. ;)

Once again, you guys, thank you for such a wonderful session! It was SO great to see you all again - it's been a while; the kids are as beautiful as ever!

Miss Cierra, so grown up! I can't believe you're in school already. It just doesn't seem possible!


A family shot that is quickly becoming a fave. What the camera doesn't tell you, is that literally just seconds before this shot, both kids were sticking out their tongues ... mom & dad with their spidy sense (what else, right?) knew exactly what was going on, turned & looked at each kid ... who then burst into smiles & giggles. The perfect moment. :)


And adorable, quiet, brave Walker. He was SO cold, but man, barely took that smile off his face the whole time and even braved the elements to show me his camo shirt underneath! Such a sweetheart.