this n' that | Fairbanks Senior & Family Photographer

Okay. quick post of this n' that to catch you all up to speed. As sooooo many of us know, the Fair, the start of school - and oh, yeah, the rain ;) - signal the start of fall here. I know, crazy, but it's true! Fall *is* in full swing, which means things over here @ MachC Photography are cookin' up & going full speed ahead. Which reminds me ... that 'Availability' tab there - workin' just fine, only problem is, availability & time are limited, so I haven't been able to update it recently, but dates & sessions are still going fast. I have two dates open, one of which goes to an auction winner sooooo, everything else is booked (lots of sessions, lots of projects, a few commercial bits, lotsa-lotsa fun & blog posts to come :) ) ... all of that to say, if you want a session this fall/winter, e-mail me ASAP so I can snag you one of those remaining dates! More info on everything coming soon... but first, a quick sneak for this beautiful, fun, gorgeous Senior! (I know she is *dyyyyyyying* to see at least one .)


Ooooh I SO cannot wait to share more!

A random side note ... run over & visit my new friend wrecklessgirl just for a visual punch. She's got some fun (= stunning, thought-provoking & imaginative) projects going on and well ... I think we should convince her to visit Alaska as part of her truth be told journey through life. So could you do me a favor? Run over ... say 'hi' ... either on the trainspotting post or hit her up on the 'truth be told' page. She totally needs to be bombarded with some blog luv. :D

Okay. One more shot. I gotta run! (And I owe someone some yellow Camaro pics ... I know! ;) soon!)


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