Shelby | Senior '10. Fairbanks Alaska Senior Photographer

Shelby found me by way of a friend who graduated this past May (you can see her on the Senior site) and I have to say, I'm so glad she did! Shelby is seriously one of those people that is just easy-going, warm & genuinely full of smiles. I joked that I could hear her laughing in some of our shots - but really, it's the truth! She smiles & the whole world smiles with her. I love that she brought along her awesome yellow Camaro (whooohooo!) and lots of cool, fun, retro clothes for us to play with. I swear she made my job easy! :) Shelby, thank you so much for such a great Senior session - you rocked it! Keep being you, through thick & thin, in good times & hard times, where-ever life takes ya ... always be you. :)