Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. | Fairbanks Family Photographer

Several months ago I got a call ... from a daughter-in-law that lives entirely in another state. And I have to say, ever since the initial e-mail & phone call, it's one of those things that I can't stop thinking about: while planning her own vacation with her husband to run up here for a visit, she wanted to have a mini family celebration of sorts. To commemorate this time; the first "official" family photo, with everyone here, together. Yes, all master-minded by the oldest daughter-in-law. Seriously, how cool is that! It's hard enough to get our own family pictures together, but to realize how special this would be for everyone and then to organize it all ... I'm sure Michele would agree that she has two very special girls that she's proud to call daughters. The boys on the other hand ... just kidding! ;) Really, the whole family was a riot. We chatted, we laughed, we did an impromptu piggy back race that the girls were unaware of* (*see laughing, crazy, running image below ;) ). The whole evening was like this! Even on one of the coldest evenings we've had yet - they were on top of their game! (Yes, it did frost that night ... so yes ... we're not just wimps, it was truly a cold night!) I had SO many I wanted to share! But I'll have to save the ribbing of Lonny (who completely walked out of a few shots there at the end ;) ) and the showing of "sassy" dance moves (*ahem* boys.) for later. In the meantime, a few sneak peeks for a beautiful family - inside & out - full of charm & love and that ounce of teasing that says, "we are family". I love it!


Have to say, just for the record, both of the boys were so sweet every time they gently kissed their brides (and we can still say that since everyone's been married under three years ;) ). It was so sweet. Mama did a good job. :)


Loved this stolen moment. (Where I believe I heard an "oh geesh" afterward because I caught someone off-guard. But I have to say, this is absolutely one of my faves.) 29 years of love right there.


:: sigh ::


Totally unplanned ... the secret language of siblings. I don't think any of us knew they were even looking at each other - let alone clearly 'talking' about something. Too funny.


Thank you guys *so* much! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time ... I really cannot wait to show you the rest ... enjoy your last day together and yes, let's make this a yearly thing!

And for everyone who made it this far, please come back in the next few days ... I'm announcing something BIG that I need your help with! ttfn ...