Fashion Friday | Indigo Street Style.

In just about a week the Fairbanks Montessori's Annual Alumni Reunion, BBQ, Play-date & Auction will be underway. You can find more info here, including a list of all the auction items. Wonderful selection of goodies being auctioned off this year! I absolutely cannot wait to meet the winner of the $225 MachC Photography gift card; please reach out & support a great, local pre-K and K program!

In other news: random & chance meetings. Two of my clients sat next to each other on a recent flight - and they didn't even know each other! Turns out they have the same photographer ;) how funny is that! You know you're in a small town when ... ;)

And finally, what you've all been waiting for ;) ... Fashion Friday! Just thought I'd show a few little girl favorites from the Tea Collection. Adorable selection and great stuff for layering (the kids on the front page show that easy!), not to mention some outfits that you can get as 'sets'. They have all sorts of sizes up to 8yrs - girls, boys & babies! Really lovin' the Indigo Arts & Street Style looks for sure.