Creative Space | Fairbanks Alaska Photographer

As we turn the corner of moving-house-dom and not-just-trading-spaces-but-reinventing-&-recreating-spaces I'm finding myself not just wanting an "office" space but more of a creative space. For me. For my work & for my art. For my soul. For the home of my creative self. So we painted.

Nothing crazy. But a color we've used in other parts of the house that I just love for its soft, subtle complexity. For the fact that it looks so simple on the outside, but provides such a sense of peace & calm. All through one simple color: Apple Blossom. Or Orchard. Something like that. ;) I believe Mr. MachC called it "white" at first. But just to clarify, it's not white. Just to clarify. You know.

Anyway. This 'small transformation' that is taking place: started with this - creative space 2.0 that I stumbled upon last week. And I fell in love. That's when I realized this couldn't just be 'my office' but my world. My creative sanctuary. So, as we head into a new season shortly, I am starting to pull together my "creative space v. 1.0" seeing as before this, there was no creative space to be had! Thank goodness for seasons & change.

Not sure when I'll be able to share the before's & after's as it needs to get to a place where it's worthy of such sharing. ;) But in the meantime, I'd love to hear about your creative spaces. So would my friend Ellen, mama-photographer-crafter-sewer extraordinaire! Her creative exercises & the way she is leading - not just living - her life right now, really inspire me. I'm in awe of how she is adding #3 with such ease & grace (our kids are all the same age! I can't remember if our sons are 6 months apart or a year - but even so - and our daughters are just mere months apart and here she is, jumping into the land of 3 kiddos! :) Go Ellen!).

I love the Simple Scrapbooks quote she shared "take charge of your creative space. No matter how big or small it is, fill it with colors and objects that inspire you..."

Exactly the road I am traveling on.

Or at least trying to hitchhike to.