Christa | Senior 2010

I swear, for some of the seriousness in these shots I am about to show, Christa & I had soooooo much fun & laughed. A lot. She's full of life, full of smiles of full of love - and I don't say that lightly. You want to know who stopped to point out the little creatures we passed by? Umm, yeah, let's just say it wasn't me. And she even held this big fat caterpillar that she found so I could take a pic of it for the boy! She's such a sweetheart! And well, truthfully, I knew she would be. She came to me via another super sweet Senior of mine ('09 Senior that is), Miss Erin. I can totally see how they are friends! She is an avid volleyball player (check out those long limbs - I know!) who loooooves all things creative, including tattoo art (I don't think I told her about my mild obsession with one of the reality tattoo shows ;) haha). We bonded over never being able to find shirts with sleeves that are long enough or pants that have a long enough hem (she's still got an inch or two on me though). I got to hear all about her love for MI* (*see image below) & let's just say she's going to keep me young with all the trespassing fence hopping we did. Let's just say really it was her step dad's place, so I promise, no true trespassing although it sounds better that way doesn't it?. All in all, a pretty nice day, with gorgeous light (the rain left & the clouds parted at just the right time!) and an awesome Senior. What more could a girl want!

Christa, you are awesome! I will try my very best to make your decision the most difficult one yet. ;)






PS ... someone has a birthday this week too ;)

Happy Birthday, Christa! I hope this is your best year yet!