Cheyenne | Senior '10 Fairbanks Senior Photographer

You know, the funny thing about life, is that things fall into place the way they are supposed to. And the funny thing about small town life? If you search hard enough, somehow it often turns out that you are already intertwined & connected with the people you meet. That is precisely what Cheyenne & I found out when we first met at the beginning of the summer ... on FWW (neither of us are military) ... at a garage sale (it wasn't even her house!) ... she found out I was a photographer - I found out she was a Senior ... and then we both found out that she had Mr. MachC as a teacher back in 7th grade! How funny is that. :) As Cheyenne would say, "scandalous!" - well, not quite, but I loved when she would say that throughout our session - it totally cracked me up! I need to start throwing that into conversation when & where I can. That & yelling, "because we are making ART!" my other favorite "Cheyenne phrase" :) Yes, she is awesome. All this & she drives a truck with the slogan "Alaskan Girls Kick Butt" on the back. Yep, we are two peas in a pod. And I have to mention, she even brought me a water! How sweet is that! Cheyenne it was great to run into you several months ago just so the stars could align & we could celebrate your Senior year in style. Thank you for being you - *you* are amazing!

(She sweetly asked ahead of time if her boyfriend could be in a few shots - of course! :) Aren't they super cute?!)


The light at this location was absolutely beautiful! So thankful that the smoke didn't eat up everything we wanted & needed.


Thank you, Cheyenne! Can't wait to show you the rest!