All the rage.

Do people still use that phrase? ... I dunno, but I just did! :) What's "all the rage" you ask? Well, amongst 'the photographer crowd' one of the things almost always tossed about is 'the Anthropologie catalogue'. A one-stop shop of inspiration in the form of a clothing catalog. Apparently. I don't really know as I'm not really one of those that jumps on all the hype or the bandwagon or the 'everyone else is doing it' trampoline. I'm a bit more on the dorky side vs. the cool kid crowd ;) if you know what I mean. Well ... I finally did it! Signed up for the catalog to see what all the hype is about. Have you clicked on the link yet? Go ahead. You should ... see ... that's what made me do it ... apparently real people, real everyday people, were used to model this months edition (that's the word on the street anyway).

The temptation was just too great. I caved. And am happily awaiting my copy in the mail. :) I like when inspiration comes from unexpected places.