9 Days Old | Sweet Baby Jade

At just before 3am, 9 days & some odd hours before these shots were taken ... this beautiful mama gave birth to her almost 9lb, much awaited for, baby girl. I have plenty of shots with the whole family ('big' brother included) but for now, I just wanted to focus on the serenity of having baby number two. There is something so different about the second time around. Knowing (or at least having *some* sort of idea) how your life will change. How your love will bloom to heights unknown and your heart will grow & expand in more ways than you could ever imagine. I see these images and know that Robyn is going through this transformation right now, with peace & grace. Little does everyone know, that sweet baby Jade was really conceived of many, many moons ago, in that geology class where her mama & daddy first met. Timing is everything.

fairbanksbabyfamilyphotographer-3fairbanksbabyfamilyphotographer-2fairbanksbabyfamilyphotographerCongratulations you guys! It was great getting to met your newest addition ... I am looking forward to watching her grow. xo!