Party of 5 | Fairbanks Alaska Family Photographer

All this ... that you see here ... mom orchestrated this whole thing in less than about 5 days. I know. But I love it! It shows her spontaneity, her zest for life, her kids & her family. And her willingness to jump on an opportunity when she sees one! You see, this session wasn't even on the books for this family. There was another session scheduled for this day that needed to be canceled for one reason or another. Before I even had time to make a quick announcement about the last minute availability, Kari was on it & snagged it up. And the next thing I know, we were all hanging out on a hot, hot summer day enjoying the evening! Easy-peasy. :) I love mom's simple answers to a few questions: "We like to be together." followed by talk of memories and "casual togetherness", "a slice of who we are now" ... it just so happens ... you've come to just the right place ;)

Miss Ingrid ... the baby of the family ... but so much a big girl following 'the boys' around but marching to her own beat. So soulful. So at peace with her spot in life, in the family. Bigger than her two years let on.


Mr. Josh, "the middle child", without any "middle child syndrome" what-so-ever. Full of smiles, goofy grins & sly glances. Always trying to make his mama laugh if she was within sight. And when she wasn't within earshot, he did a pretty good job of trying to make me smile right along with him. ;) Such a doll.


Mr. Dale @ 7 ... now this shot might lend you to think he was the quiet, reserved, laid back one ;) I got so many fun shots of him I just had to show mom & dad one glance they probably weren't expecting. But you know what? I am sure they see their little boy right there in his quiet moment that most people probably don't get to see. (In fact, I didn't even know he had freckles until I came across this moment! :) )


Easily one of my faves ... how much do these boys love their mama!


And last ... but certainly not least ... the two who made this possible ... in a moment of laughter ... togetherness ... sideways glances that say more than words ever could.


Thank you Kari & family! It was so great to meet in person that one day (what great timing! everything happens for a reason :) ). I had such a great time hanging out with your family ... I hope we get to do it again! I'll be in touch with your gallery.