Oooops. My bad. {aka when things happen out of your control}

Did ya catch that title. :) So ... for those of you who've been ooooh, say trying to access one of the websites (baby, seniors, families) ... or maybe just trying to get to the blog ... or trying to reach me via e-mail ... or maybe even in the midst of ordering ... I think I'll trail off there ... sorry!!! My biggest apologies! Seriously. Really, truly. What a headache! The good news is that everything is all fixed (or at least appears to be!) and this train is leavin' the station! Choo-choo. :) So, all of this to say: if you've sent me an e-mail over the weekend (say after Friday night up until today - Monday) please, please re-send it. I'm pretty sure those little pieces of correspondence never made it - how do I know? Well, because I saw a handful of them one minute and a bit later - poof! into thin air. :) When it rains it pours around here! But you know, it's all okay. If this is the worst thing that all of us deal with over the past few days, then I think we're doing okay. Don'tcha think? Long story short, I needed to switch host providers and the smooth transition that was supposed to happen well ... got a little bumpy ;) ... we had a few hiccups, but you know what? Here we are now and everything seems to be up & running! Let's keep those fingers & toes crossed though, shall we? ;)

Working on a TON of things while trying to back-track, get caught up & shoot back-to-back sessions ... so for now a quick peek at something we're making to hang on the walls in this family's home ...


and a 'real' post (minus the groveling) will be up soon!