On his own time. | Fairbanks Newborn Baby Photographer

Just a few hours days ago, I got to sneak away from the chaos of two under 3 for just a short bit and bask in the glow of being around a newborn once again. Well, for me, once again :) for this wonderful family, it's a whole new world that from this minute forward ... will always feel like it's been this way. They will soon have the countless conversations that we all have 'well how old was Hayden when we did that? he must have been like 2 or something' only to realize that distant memory was life pre-Hayden. Impossible. There is no life pre-Hayden. He may have come on his own terms ... on his own time ... at his own pace (all 9lbs 7 oz of him - I know, mama is a rock star!) ... but from this day forward, it doesn't matter. Life will never be the same. There is only life with him.

7 days old |  Hayden




Congratulations you guys! He's beautiful and couldn't be more sweet even if he tried.

{Pssst ... mama is a self-proclaimed blog stalker ... we'll put her to the test today ;) }