Fashion Friday | Toddler Style!

Time for another installment of ... Fashion Friday! What else, right? ;) I promised a shout out & dedication (okay, just a 'what to wear' post *wink, wink*) for my good friend Stephanie. I'm getting ready to shoot her boys next week - almost 1 and almost 3 - while they're in town. We'll be doing this true active-boy adventure style too. I can't wait! This is an age ... and age spread ... I know all too well. I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell. :D

So a quick spill of today's "What to Wear" Toddler Style episode: first & foremost, I was looking for fun & full of personality, but clothes that would still make any toddler boy the center of attention. Everything here is from The Gap. Originally, I pulled the outfits on the left to be together (1 boy each) and then the outfits on the right. But looking at it again, all of this is so mix & match you could pick a few from this group, either side, & get the look you're going for!

Wanna know my favorite? I like the middle two - the elephant shirt (with the green shirt underneath) + hat and the blue button up/plaid shorts + beanie. It just screams fun, classic, timeless ALL BOY! Doesn't get much better than that. :)


Mr. MachC wants to know why these outfits don't come in big kid sizes. ;)