Fashion Friday | The Group Look. {Fairbanks Photographer}

Today's Fashion Friday - pulling together a group: small/medium to large.  It can seem like a daunting task, no doubt ... but really, there is nothing to fear. Simply pick a few colors - the palette or color scheme you'd like to incorporate and tell everyone they need to be in these colors - not necessarily all three (or four), but some combo of at least a few. For this group I chose dark pink (cranberry or fuschia - which seems to be *everywhere* these days, you can't miss it!), teal or light blue, and a yellow/khaki color. Everyone needs to be in dark denim or black for the bottoms (dresses excluded ;) ). W2W_FashionFriday_group

See, how easy was that.

A 'pulled together' look of bold colors, minimal pattern and flirtatious fun!